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Ghana Web Empowerment Programme

About the Project

 This project was developed as a solution to existing problems in the society and is therefore to fill certain needs in the society. These problems include a perceived and existing wrong and inadequate use of internet by Ghanaian children, a growing need for appropriate use of the internet, a growing demand for websites by people in various strata of the society as well as a growing need for better and cheaper means of advertising. There is in Ghana a general difficulty in acquiring websites and those who manage to get them acquire them at very exorbitant costs.

The GWEP is a result of various researches to break the chasm about websites in Ghana for Ghanaians to have the maximum benefit of the internet.



Mother company        

Shalom Shalom Media and Data Centre



Ghana Web Empowerment Programme (GWEPT)


Digitribe Media


Endtime Wear



To be the number one in web technology solutions provider in Ghana and beyond



To demystify the internet and web solutions provision; making it accessible and affordable to everyone



In providing excellent world class services for our clients, we have partnered the following:

·         Host the name       United States based web hosting solutions provider

·         Infobip                 Europe based bulk messaging solutions provider

More partnerships are underway.




Why Us?

With the assistance of world class webhosting providers, Host the Name, we are creating rich content websites for schools and churches. We are saying that every school and every church with children must have a website for the sake of the children and we are saying that it is not enough to provide information about the school or the church. The website must engage the children anytime they sit by the computer. Children should have access to lessons, assignments and writing opportunities on the school or church website.

What to do?

To take advantage of this offer;

1. Fill the appropriate attached form

2. Pay the appropriate fee

3. Submit your documents

4. Receive your website information in 3 days

5. Make your final payment (if you paid part) and receive your free quality T shirt.

6. Congratulation! You are on the world wide web











Web Projects

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